Technical Information


LWM Corporate Center has two towers with high construction standards and the best location in the Berrini region. With floor area of 521,852m² composed of four units with 130,463m², supplied with air conditioning, raised floors, Owa mineral ceiling and fixtures. In addition it has 2 meeting rooms, 2 auditoriums and 3 Cafes, fully equipped and decorated.

LWM Corporate Center

Type: Corporate Building 2 Towers
Address: R. George Ohm, 230 corner with R. Conceição de Monte Alegre and R. Castilho
Land Area: 5.877,48m²

Each tower consists of

  • 20 standard floors
  • 4 units per floor
  • 5 smart elevators (Atlas Schindler with Miconic 10 system) + 1 Safety Elevator
  • 4 parking slots per unit
  • Unit Area: 130,463m²
  • Meeting room with lounge equipped and decorated
  • Auditorium for 88 people equipped and decorated
  • Coffee to serve the auditorium

The units are delivered with

  • Raised floor with metal base with overload 300kg/m²
  • Acoustic mineral fiber ceiling Owa
  • Infrastructure for air conditioner
  • Air conditioner with ecological gas
  • Recessed luminaires
  • UniflexBlinds
  • Central Vacuum
  • Facade with thermo-acoustic glass
  • Emergency Generator (lighting and outlets)
  • Ceiling Height: 2,70m

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